Care Assistant

Job Description for Care Staff

The purpose of the care provided by Meloosha Homecare Staff is to support individuals who choose to remain in the comfort and security of their own homes and to help them live as independent and active lives as possible by supporting them. The tasks carers undertake will be agreed by the client and the Meloosha Homecare Manager once they have assessed the client’s needs. This will be written down in the Care Plan, which will be kept in the client’s home. This document will specify your duties for each individual client you work with and it will be your responsibility to follow this and other supporting documents, reporting any changes that you or your client identifies.

Principle Duties & Responsibilities

The following list gives examples of the type of duties you may undertake. All of these should be done in a manner which encourages clients towards the maximum degree of independence and activity appropriate to their abilities;

Other Duties & Responsibilities:
Responsibility for Resources:
Essential Qualities:
Desired Qualities although not essential as training would be provided:

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