Domiciliary Care Sector is recession/Pandemic Proof. 

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Are you looking for a new challenge? Then Please watch our Video below:

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  • YOU bring your caring nature and career expertise and WE teach you all you need to know about the Domiciliary Care Industry and how to build a successful business within it. We provide all the Tools, Resources, Coaching, Business Support and Marketing to make a WINNING COMBINATION!

  • Franchise Agreement is for 10 years

  • Initial Investment is £30,000

Why Meloosha Homecare use Franchising

Franchising is a way of creating a network full of like minded people who work passaionately in the same industry, who can help and support each other. 

Also franchising will help to develop the Meloosha Homecare brand quickly.  Clients will perceive a national brand with the benefit of service delivery at a local level.

Franchising  is  a  way  of  expanding  a  business,  building  brand  awareness  and getting  more  motivated  people  close  to  the  brand,  because  the  people  that  are actually running the business, own the business.  It’s your income!

It’s  a  two-way  relationship.    You  are  getting  the  benefit  of  an  established  brand,  successful  support  and  systems.    Meloosha  Homecare  receives  the  benefit  of building  a  brand  whilst  working  together  with  people  who  know  what  they  are doing, running their business successfully.

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Our training ensures that new franchisees adopt a focused approach when it comes to getting their business off the ground. We provide support with Finance, Business Systems ,IT, Marketing and PR, Business Development, Compliance and Quality assurance. We will support you from day 1 from becoming a brand new business owner to becoming a full operating provider through continues learning and development plans. 

All franchise owners will work closely with mentors to guide them through every step of the way throughout their time working with us.

As well as Training materials for the business owners, we have training materials and E-Learning training for all employees. Our training is non-stop and continues for the duration that we work together.

Our initial franchisee training provides the detail, knowledge and assurance to set up and run the business, as well as given an understanding of the care sector in which we operate.

Franchisees will have a chance of visiting an existing Meloosha Homecare Branch, gaining insight from a mentor franchisee.

From day one we support our franchisees through the business planning process including financial projections. Also working closely with your accountants, will make sure every branch is on a successful path.

We work with our franchisees to make sure they are compliant and support them to deliver the very best care at home. We have our own in house Inspections to make sure our Branches deliver a high standard of service. This is to identify the areas that needs improvement before it’s too late.

Our Marketing Team are there to support and guide franchisees in building up local brand awareness and equip franchisees in managing their public relationships. The fast developing digital world is having a significant impact on how people research for and make decisions on purchasing Care at Home and it is important we stay on top of these trends to ensure we continue to be seen by both potential clients and employees.  

We release numerous campaign packs throughout the year, to increase brand awareness within local territories. We use toolkits such as Leaflets, letters, Social Media and much more…

 If you are interested to know more, please phone Melody on 0330 053 1856 or email