Meloosha Homecare Livingston is 1 Year Old

Karen, the franchise owner of Meloosha Homecare’s Livingston branch, takes a heartfelt moment to reflect on her extraordinary first year as a healthcare business owner. The loss of a loved one inspired her to join Meloosha Homecare, driven by a deep desire to make a difference in her community. With unwavering support from Melody, the founder of Meloosha Homecare, Karen found not only a network of professionals but also a structured framework that helped her navigate the challenges of running a business independently in the fiercely competitive healthcare sector.

Throughout her journey, Karen has been touched by countless rewarding moments. She cherishes the expressions of gratitude and heartfelt remarks from clients’ families, where they share how her team’s care has restored joy and love to their lives. The heartfelt phone calls that echo with sentiments like “thank you, I’ve got my mum back” or “I’m back to being her daughter again” fill Karen’s heart with an indescribable sense of fulfilment.

In her first year, Karen has achieved personal growth by completing a Management and Leadership Course while also managing her own business. She takes immense pride in providing exceptional dementia care, as she goes on to say, “The majority of care packages that we have planned have been for dementia care so it’s nice to know that Meloosha has become a trusted provider for those living with dementia in the West Lothian area”. For individuals with dementia, the significance of consistency and familiarity, with the same carers attending to them, cannot be overstated; it fosters trust and understanding, creating a safe haven where they can thrive.

Looking to the future, Karen says, “A goal I have for Meloosha Homecare Livingston’s future is to be the primary employer for those passionate about supporting people with dementia, attracting dedicated professionals who share our vision”. She also plans to further enhance her team’s skills through continuous training and create a work environment that nurtures personal and professional growth, allowing her team to flourish and excel.

Karen draws from her own experiences and emphasises the profound importance of honesty, integrity, and effective communication as the foundation for long-term success. Openness and transparency with both staff and clients nurture trust, paving the way for efficient problem-solving and collaboration. She explains, “Communication is key, it’s a two-way conversation whether it’s with your staff or with the families of your clients”. As a gentle reminder to fellow entrepreneurs, she encourages them not to overlook the significance of finding joy in their work and daily activities. It is through this sense of fulfilment that passion and dedication are sustained, propelling their journey towards prosperity.

As Meloosha Homecare’s Livingston branch celebrates its first year, Karen looks back with immense pride. She envisions a bright future for Meloosha Homecare Livingston, driven by her steadfast commitment to exceptional dementia care. With Karen’s compassionate leadership, the branch will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

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